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      What is the method of grinding and polishing cleaning?

      Publisher: Administrator Date:2023-01-07

      In the process of optical glass processing, dirt often appears on the material surface before or after grinding and polishing, which affects the grinding and polishing operations and subsequent processing operations. What should we do in this situation? In fact, don't worry, use abrasive polishing cleaning agent at this time.

      Grinding and polishing cleaning agent is mainly used to clean cutting fluid, grinding and polishing fluid, cerium oxide, glass powder, stubborn mildew, dirt, finger prints, etc. It has excellent cleaning effect on glass CNC, fine carving, grinding, polishing, toughening, and is suitable for cleaning various white glass, sapphire, cover glass, flat glass, touch screen, optical lens, optical glass and other surfaces.

      It can be used to clean the screen printed surface of mobile phone glass, tablet computer, LCD, cover glass, optical glass, etc.
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